Getting letters from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or state taxing authorities can be scary. What makes matters worse is that they are hard to understand. Am I being audited? Have they filed a lien? Are my paychecks or bank accounts being garnished?

Taxes are complex. If you are a recipient of a taxing authority notice, call the law firm of Wiesner & Frackowiak, LC. Patrick Wiesner is both a tax attorney and CPA. Our firm has worked on thousands of tax matters.

Wiesner & Frackowiak, LC, is a Kansas City, MO, area law practice that represents clients before both federal and state (Kansas or Missouri) in audits, garnishments, and tax court cases. We also have the capability to rapidly prepare the tax returns necessary for payment agreements, offers to settle, and bankruptcy. Come to us to speak with tax counsel today.

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Our approach is the full takeover of your case starting with your signing a tax power of attorney (POA) appointing us as your counsel. We file the POA with the IRS and become the point of contact between you and the government.

Our extensive experience gives us the knowledge to know what information the IRS requires to resolve your tax problem whether it’s an audit, garnishment, or payment plan. When tax problems can be resolved with bankruptcy, we can file your case in either Kansas or Missouri. If your income is too low to pay anything, we help you with obtaining uncollectable status.

If you have been served with a Notice of Deficiency, consider hiring us to meet the 90-day deadline to file the petition in the United States Tax Court. Our most recent tax court case involved a lady allegedly owing $85,000 for the income earned by her former husband. That case was quickly settled with the government acknowledging she owed none of it.

We have successfully handled both men and women in tax cases applying for innocent spouse relief. One case was published by the United States Tax Court which led to Congress changing the law.

Stopping paycheck and bank account garnishments is something we do often and well. Also known as a levy, sometimes halting the garnishment simply involves setting up a monthly payment arrangement. Other times bankruptcy is required. When the IRS demands delinquent tax returns be filed, we have resources for fast preparation.

Whenever possible, we will negotiate with the IRS to reduce your tax payment. This way forward is referred to as an Offer In Compromise (OIC). The amount of the settlement using an OIC is based upon your income, assets, and family size. Not all persons qualify.

Our job is to determine if you are eligible and the minimum amount the IRS can accept. We provide the valuable service of advising you when an OIC would be a waste of money and time.

Know Our Local Roots

Avoid the spectacle of losing your money to out-of-state firms in Florida, California, or Texas that promise settlements for pennies on the dollar and then never speak to you again.

We are here in Overland Park where you meet with us in person, shake our hand, and then do business. We operate out of a local office off Metcalf Avenue and not through a P.O. Box. Our staff talks to you from Kansas — not out of a phone bank in India.

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Our managing attorney has practiced law for almost three decades. We use his and our other staff’s extensive experience to settle your case as quickly as possible. Our team works tirelessly on your behalf and won’t rest until we have resolved your case in the most favorable manner possible.

We quickly assess the nature of your tax problems so that we can immediately get to work. Our attorneys swiftly develop solutions to the audit and efficiently put together all necessary paperwork to bring resolution as soon as possible.

Come to Wiesner & Frackowiak, LC, to consult with a qualified tax attorney in Kansas City, MO. Call 913-642-2240 to schedule an appointment with us.

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When do you need a tax attorney? Taxes are a complicated business, and they are a part of many different situations. For instance, if you are starting a new business in Kansas City, you might want a lawyer to consult. If you are planning your estate, tax attorney services can also benefit you. And if you or your business is being audited by the IRS, a tax problems lawyer will be essential.

Our experienced legal professionals in the Kansas City, MO, area have studied tax laws thoroughly, which means we are equipped to help you, whether you just need advice or you need intervention with an IRS investigation. Our tax lawyer services can even help you if you have a hearing at the US tax court.

So if you’re faced with a tax issue, don’t take it on by yourself. A tax lawyer from Wiesner & Frackowiak, LC, is here to help. Reach out to us for a consultation in the Kansas City or Olathe, KS, area.

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Before you give us a call, browse our FAQ page. You may not be alone with the questions you have about our tax attorney services. However, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further information or other inquiries through our contact page.

Our tax lawyers are ready to fight on your behalf and be your advocate in your time of need. You can rest assured that we will be with you every step of the process so that you understand all the ins and outs of your tax case.

Whether you are experiencing continual tax confusion, or you are facing tax authorities for the first time, you can have peace of mind that lawyers around Johnson County, Kansas are ready and willing to help you understand all the information at hand. Don’t let your confusion persist. Contact our team today.