Bankruptcy Stops Garnishment and Levies

 A wage garnishment, also referred to as a levy, is an enforced collection procedure the IRS uses to collect unpaid taxes. The Internal Revenue Service has authority to take these collection actions when you have unfiled returns or unpaid taxes. Our firm uses the Collection Due Process Hearing option to meet with the IRS to present an offer to settle or a payment plan. This method allows time for our firm to prepare the tax returns and financial statements required for an agreement while at the same time holding off government from levies and garnishments.

Use Bankruptcy to Lower or Completely Eliminate Your Tax Payment

Bankruptcy law allows for forgiveness of some taxes. The relief available is based upon when the tax return was filed and when the tax return was due. There are situations where all of your back taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy. Call 913-642-2240 for an appointment with Mr. Wiesner to discuss delinquent taxes.