Small Businesses

For mom and pop businesses having trouble, bankruptcy alternatives are available. Sole proprietorship’s and limited liability companies can reorganize their liabilities just like corporations can. Call today to discuss.

Keep Your House

Our firm of bankruptcy attorneys in the Kansas City area uses Chapter 13 bankruptcy to make up late house payments. This involves making up the missed payments over a 60 month period while you resume making regular house payments. While these payments are made, you can have the peace of mind that the mortgage company cannot foreclose. In some cases, we are able to use Chapter 13 to remove and eliminate second mortgages.

Keep Your Car

Car lenders will repossess your car even when you need it to get to work, pick the kids up from school, or see a doctor. If you are behind on car payments, call us. Our firm will use bankruptcy to stop these creditors from taking your car. Most of the time you’ll pay less each month for your car because we can get you a discounted interest rate.

Stop Foreclosure

Our firm uses Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy to stop the mortgage company from foreclosing on your home. If you have received notice of a sheriff’s foreclosure sale, call us at 913-642-2240 to use bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure. We have the resources for a rush job. See more on our foreclosure tab.

Halt Garnishments

Collection agencies and tax officers will send wage garnishment orders straight to your company’s payroll department and sometimes to your boss. Our firm can halt this embarrassing tactic. We use bankruptcy law to force the collectors to release the garnishment so that you can again get a regular paycheck.

Stop Creditor Calls

Our firm takes charge; we deal with creditors. No more threats. Bankruptcy forces creditors to stop calling. Discharge means you don’t owe and the lender can’t try to collect.

Call our bankruptcy lawyers in the Kansas City area to learn more about bankruptcy today.

Filing for bankruptcy can be a complicated and overwhelming process, especially without the help of an experienced professional. Fortunately, a bankruptcy lawyer from our legal team can provide you with invaluable guidance throughout each stage of the process, from determining eligibility and choosing the right type of bankruptcy to filing paperwork and representing you in court.

A qualified bankruptcy attorney can also help you to understand the potential consequences of bankruptcy, such as its impact on credit score and ability to obtain loans in the future, and help you make the best decisions for you along this legal journey. They can also help you navigate any legal challenges that may arise during the process, such as disputes with creditors or objections from the bankruptcy trustee.

Turn to the bankruptcy law experts here at Wiesner & Frackowiak, LC for added peace of mind and a better chance at a successful outcome when filing for bankruptcy and facing financial difficulties. Reach out to us today—we’re available to assist residents all over Johnson County, KS.