Removal of Tax Lien

We use Chapter 13 bankruptcy to remove tax liens. Part of your Chapter 13 plan payment will be applied to the tax lien. When you get a bankruptcy discharge of your payments, the taxing authority – such as the Internal Revenue Service – will file a release of the lien. Not all tax liens can be released using bankruptcy.

Offers to Settle for Less than the Amount Owed

Our firm negotiates with the Internal Revenue Service to reduce your tax payment. This involves calculating your ability to pay using federal guidelines. Neither the IRS nor the states have a set minimum percent of what you need to pay to settle back tax. Our success has been generally between 5.0 and 26.0 percent. Many times an affordable payment plan is the best way forward.

Use Bankruptcy to Lower or Completely Eliminate Your Tax Payment

Bankruptcy law allows for forgiveness of some taxes. The relief available is based upon when the tax return was filed and when the tax return was due. There are situations where all of your back taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy. Call 913-642-2240 for an appointment with Mr. Wiesner to discuss delinquent taxes.