Audits are, unfortunately, fairly common, and most taxpayers will face one at some point. And while audits aren’t always complex or scary, if you are facing one for a new business or during a complicated financial point, an IRS tax lawyer is your best option. Wiesner & Frackowiak, LC, is the firm to choose if you need legal help with an audit in Overland Park, KS.

How We Help

Our team is experienced in tax law and knows how to make sure you get through an audit without any trouble. When you use one of our tax attorneys, you’ll see a number of benefits:

  • Less time spent on paperwork: During an audit, you’re required to fill out paperwork and provide a number of personal documents, and you may get lost in it all. We handle the paperwork for you so that you can feel confident that everything is done right and on time.
  • Shorter process: When you try to face an audit on your own, the process of finding the documents and submitting the paperwork may
    take longer than necessary. We have helped hundreds of clients, so we know how to speed up the process to get the audit over with.
  • Better defense: If the IRS finds a problem, they can charge you penalties and even bring criminal charges against you. We negotiate and
    work with the IRS on your behalf to ensure you face minimal penalties.

We have years of experience with tax law, and our team of attorneys will ensure your audit is handles skillfully and quickly.

Who We Are

Our managing attorney, Patrick Wiesner, has over 20 years of experience in law and is also a certified public accountant, which means he knows
tax law inside and out. All our attorneys continually expand their knowledge and skills to give you fast and professional service every time.

Call us today for help on your audit at 913-642-2240 or 816-285-4748.

Lawyer Documenting — IRS tax lawyer Overland Park, KSOur tax attorneys in Kansas City represent taxpayers during audits. In these situations, we take over the case with a power-of-attorney appointment and then meeting with the Compliance Officer. Our job includes reviewing and assembling the government requested documents, making calculations supporting the taxpayers’ position, and researching tax law where appropriate. When disputes are not resolved at the audit level, we represent our clients in the United States Tax Court.

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